Build on the new web.

Connect your platform to the decentralized web in less than 30 minutes. No code required.

Fabrx is your bridge to the decentralized web.

Access comprehensive web3 analytics for your application, issue non-fungible tokens as a rewards program, or integrate open finance into your platform today.

Stay ahead of the Curve

Deliver value in ways previously unseen. Deepen customer devotion, discover new distribution channels and empower self-ownership with web3 technology.

Leverage Tokenization

Gamification has a new name - tokenization. Empower your users with digital ownership of your loyalty points, collectibles, membership, or any extension of your brand.

  • Loyalty Build strong brand connections with customers through token ownership.
  • Accountability Manage your token program, with audit-level record keeping.
  • Exchange Empower users to exchange their token with peers, and bring in new customers on your behalf.
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Non-Fungible Token Suite

Enable Self-Ownership

Web3 puts the user in control of their holdings. Empower the next generation of financial and consumer freedom, directly through your platform.

  • One Wrapper to Combine them All. Embed incredible financial and consumer functionalty with a few lines of Javascript.
  • Financial Self-Sovereignty. Users control funds at all times. They decide where, how and when they want to deploy funds.
  • Platform Freedom. Transactions must initiate from a wallet and be sent to the blockchain. Thus, your application is never holding funds.
Use web3 intelligence to drive

Engage, analyze and incentivize user behavior within the new web of value.

The Old Web

In web2, email is homebase and content is king.

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The New Web

In web3, wallets become home and tokens reign king.

Want inspiration?


Add loyalty points to your Shopify business

Reward users for purchases
No points management needed
Drive sales with token ownership

1. Paste one line of JS on site
2. Create loyalty tokens on Fabrx
3. Follow analytics and drive sales

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Connect a user persona to their wallet address

Issue tokens to returning wallets
Customers recieve immediate value
Token exchange brings new users

1. Paste one line of JS on site
2. Analytics create wallet persona
3. Issue tokens through Fabrx

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